Unique Investments

As the percentage of B2B receivables defaulting on payment in Singapore and globally is 1.9% and 1.6% respectively, based on this type of low-risk investment, the typical returns will generally be higher for investors. This type of investment opportunities can now be offered through PITFACTOR to our investors.

Accurate information and total transparency

All information provided by our suppliers are verified for authenticity for you to make your own investment decisions. All financial information provided by our suppliers are certified and audited officially.

Portfolio diversification

Although the risk of suppliers defaulting on payment is at a low of 1.9% in Singapore, we still encourage investors to diversify their portfolio to spread out their risk as a form of good investment practice. We have set the minimum investment sum to as low as $100, which can be invested into each invoice. With this diversification, you will not have to put all your “eggs into one basket”.

Our Commitment

PITFACTOR is an online platform created for both investors and suppliers to enjoy the benefits of Crowdfactoring. We are committed to giving our investors opportunities for lower-risk investments, total freedom of choice, accurate information, total transparency and to diversify your investment portfolio. Our commitment to SMEs are to provide you with the most effective way of financing invoices, total transparency, discreet financing and flexibility.

Freedom of choice

At PITFACTOR, we understand that your financial priorities may change at any point in time, and our business is built on this belief. Should you have any ongoing investments with us and want to liquidate your investments immediately, you can post them on the exchange. As soon as another investor buys over your investment, you will get back your principle investment capital and any interest that you have accumulated during your investment period.

We also provide you with a selection of invoices to choose from. Filter through the available invoices up for financing based on credit rating, interest rates and term of financing. Invest in as many invoices as you feel comfortable with.

PITFACTOR will not impose any charges nor fees whenever you want to liquidate your investments and withdraw your earnings. However, bank charges still apply.


  • PROS
  • New and innovative investment
  • Allows for portfolio diversification
  • Total transparency
  • Short term commitment
  • Lower-risk investment
  • No charges to investors
  • CONS
  • Returns are not the highest among other investments
  • Investors bear the costs of companies defaulting on payment
  • Limited forms of loading funds into investor wallet


  • Register as an investor at
  • Fill up your personal details and Sponsor Code if anyone referred you to our website.
  • Read through the Terms and Conditions of using the website and remember to tick “I agree with the Terms and Conditions”
  • Click on “Register as Investor”.
  • Once your account has been registered, please upload Proof of Identity and Proof of Address under My Account. Investors will also be required to sign our Declaration Form and Investor’s Agreement.
  • Once your account has been approved, you will be able to access all features of the platform.


  • On the top left-hand corner of your dashboard, you should be able to see your available balance in Pitfactor. Click on “Load”.
  • Choose the amount you want to load into your account (minimum of $1,000).
  • At the moment, we only support Wired Transfers. Please upload an image of the receipt (only PDF, JPEG, and PNG formats) and submit the Load Request.
  • Once we have received the deposit, we will authorise the load and you should be able to see your available balance on the dashboard.


  • Once you have loaded funds into your Pitfactor account, you are ready to invest. Click on “Pit” or “Exchange” to browse the various invoices available for financing.
  • In the Pit and Exchange, you can filter the invoices according to your preferences. Select businesses with a credit rating suitable for your risk appetite, choose the financing term and industry you are comfortable with, or even key in an Invoice ID if you have one.
  • Please note that our suppliers’ identity will remain anonymous until you have invested with them. After investment, you can download the Share Certificate from the Invoice Details page.
  • On the exchange, some invoices are either Single or Multiple slots. Single slot means that investors have to take over the full invoice while Multiple slots means that investors can buy over a portion of the investment.
  • If investors want Pitfactor to monitor and invest in the funds for them, click on “Help me to Invest”. Here, you are given the same preference filters. Key in the various settings which suit you best and let us mange your funds for you!
  • Managed funds can be refunded at any point in time. Just click on Help me to Invest again to see the balance in your Managed Funds, click on Refund and choose the amount to be refunded to you.
  • When the invoice has been fully financed and transferred to the SME, their invoice term has started and now you can sit back and relax!
  • Once the invoice term has ended/SME repaid funds early, you will receive your capital plus any interest earned in your Pitfactor balance.
  • Suppliers have the option of extending their current funding term once. When that happens, our Investors will be given an additional extension payment.
  • In the case of a Supplier defaulting, we will take the necessary actions to help all our investors to recover the full investment amount from the Supplier.


  • Should you want to liquidate your investments at any time, you can publish your ongoing investments on the Exchange. Go to My Portfolio and beside each of your current investments there is an option to sell your invoice.
  • Choose how much of your invoice you want to sell, and whether you want multiple investors or a single investor to take over your invoice.
  • Once your invoice has been fully bought over, your principle capital plus pro-rated interest will be credited back into your Pitfactor account.
  • The Investor who has bought over the share of invoice from the exchange will now have the investment in their portfolio.

Withdrawing Funds

  • On the top left-hand corner of your dashboard, you should be able to see your available balance in Pitfactor. Click on “Withdraw”.
  • Choose the amount you want to withdraw from your account (minimum of $500).
  • If you have not linked your Bank Account to Pitfactor, click on “Add Account” and fill up the relevant bank details.
  • Once done, our administrators will have to verify your bank details. Please allow up to 2 working days for your bank account to be verified..
  • Once your bank is verified, you will now be able to withdraw your funds from your account. Type in the amount you want to withdraw, and whether you want a GIRO or a FAST transfer (bank charges apply).


  • To see a summary of all your past and current investments, go to My Transactions and you will get an overview of all your transactions. Investors can download their records for their viewing whenever they want.
  • Any notifications we have for you will be on your notification bar on our website, as well as emailed to you.
  • If you had a great experience investing with a specific Supplier, you may Follow them on the Invoice Details page. Whenever they have a new invoice published, followers will be notified instantly.
  • Do note that at NO point in time are we giving out financial advice. Investors are to invest at their own discretion. However, we provide ratings for SMEs based on the verified information provided. A higher rated company will have less risks involved, but the interest rewarded will also be less.
  • Should you want to terminate your account, please send us a request and we will close your account within 7 working days.