Most effective way of financing invoices

With banks and traditional factoring companies, there is only one investor to finance your invoice and it may take some time before you receive funding. One of the benefits of financing with PITFACTOR is that you have access to multiple investors who are eager to provide you with financing solutions and this helps to make the process more efficient. With PITFACTOR, you can stop worrying about meeting your cash flow needs and instead concentrate on the success of your business.

Total transparency

All information provided by our suppliers are verified for authenticity for you to make your own investment decisions. All financial information provided by our suppliers are certified and audited officially.

Discreet financing

When customers and competitors know that your company is seeking financing, some of them may get the wrong idea. At PITFACTOR, we do our best to keep your company’s identity as anonymous as possible. We only provide investors with verified information to help them make any investment decisions. Your company details will be anonymous to the investors so you have the peace of mind. As we are dealing with non-notified invoice financing, your customers will not know of any required funding unless necessary.

Our Commitment

PITFACTOR is an online platform created for both investors and suppliers to enjoy the benefits of Crowdfactoring. We are committed to giving our investors opportunities for lower-risk investments, total freedom of choice, accurate information, total transparency and to diversify your investment portfolio. Our commitment to SMEs are to provide you with the most effective way of financing invoices, total transparency, discreet financing and flexibility.


With banks and traditional factoring companies, early repayment of financing are greeted with additional charges to your company.

At PITFACTOR we give you the choice of early repayment with pro-rated interest rates. Our interest is calculated on a per-day basis. This means that the earlier you repay our investors, the less interest you pay.

If you are unable to repay our investors on time, we allow a one-time term extension with the same duration as the initial term. If notice is given to us at least 7 days before the maturity date, we will charge a fixed extension fee of 1% of the loan amount. If notice is given to us within the last 7 days before the maturity date, we will charge a fixed extension fee of 2% of the loan amount.


  • Big pool of eager investors available
  • No hidden fees
  • Discreet financing
  • Flexible loan terms
  • No early repayment fee
  • Less stringent credit assessment
  • CONS
  • Interest rates are slightly higher than banks and other factoring companies


  • Register your business as a Supplier at
  • Fill up your Personal Information and tick “I agree with the Terms and Conditions”. Do note that the contact personnel should be a Director of the company, or has a Letter of Authorisation from the Director of the company.
  • Fill up your Corporate Information and click on “Register as Supplier”.
  • Once your account has been approved, you will be able to access all features of the platform.


  • To have your invoice financed, click on My Invoices and Upload Invoice. Please upload only .pdf,.jpeg,.png format documents. Once uploaded, you will be able to see the request status of your invoice. Once your invoice has been accepted, it will be posted on the Pit for investors to finance.
  • Suppliers can choose to have full or partial invoice financing. The interest charged will be based on the amount financed.
  • Before you can start publishing invoices for financing, you are required to send the following documents to us:
    • Certified True Copy of the latest ACRA Bizfile Business Profile Report.
    • Last Audited Financial Statements (if any).
    • Year-To-Date Management Accounts (P&L Statement, Balance Sheet, Credit Liability Report [if any] etc.)
    • Proof of Corporate Bank Account.
    • Letter of Authorisation signed by a Director if the contact personnel isn’t a Director listed in ACRA.
    • Business Overview (number of current staff to be included).
  • Once done, we will assess your company’s financials and if you are eligible, we will award you a rating as well as a financing threshold. For example, if a Supplier’s threshold is $100,000, their total current invoices put up for funding will be limited to $100,000. To see your threshold, go to My Company and you will be able to see your threshold limit under your Company Information.
  • Once the invoice receives full financing, we will do a transfer for 85% of your invoice amount to your Corporate Bank Account and your term will begin.
  • Congratulations on completing your first invoice financing with Pitfactor! To start another invoice financing, please complete steps 3 to 7 again.
  • Thank you for financing with Pitfactor!


  • Should you not be able to complete your repayment upon maturity, please let us know as soon as possible. An extension fee will be imposed.
  • If repayment is done early, the interest amount is pro-rated accordingly.
  • Once the full repayment amount is ready, please do a bank transfer to our Corporate Bank Account.
  • After we have received your full repayment, we will transfer back the remainder of the amount held with us minus all interest and fees.
  • If repayment is done early, the interest amount is pro-rated accordingly.
  • Do note that we do not do any recollection of invoices. We will only receive repayment from the Supplier.


  • Should your financial situation change, you may edit your Supplier Profile on Pitfactor. Simply click on My Company and request an edit.
  • Pitfactor’s Credit Department will perform a review for all our Suppliers every 6 – 12 months. The higher your rating, the lower the interest charged and the higher your threshold will be.
  • To terminate your Supplier account, simply send us a request and we will close your account within 7 working days.